2013 Shortlist Poster

The 2013 Shortlist Poster has been completed and is ready for schools and libraries in Victoria to use.

The 2013 Shortlist Poster is only possible due to the generous support of Terry Denton who has donated his artwork.  We are very grateful for his work and his contribution.  We also thank the publishers of the shortlisted books for the donation of the jacket image artwork to allow us to produce the final eye catching design.

This year EdAlliance has generously agreed to print and post our shortlist poster to all members and schools across Australia that request one.  If you haven’t requested your shortlist poster you can do so by clicking the button below and completing the form on that page.

Request YABBA Shortlist Poster

Shortlist Poster in PDF[/heading]

You may download a PDF version of the Shortlist Poster here

2013 Shortlist Poster

Each Awards category also has a separate PDF version of the shortlist poster which can be downloaded here

Years 7-92013 Year 7-9

Older Readers2013 older Readers

Younger Readers2013 Younger Readers

Picture Storybooks2013 Picture StoryBooks