YABBA Voting App

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Voting_App_LogoThe YABBA Committee have been looking for new ways of engaging children in the annual voting process.  This lead us to think about the ways in which children access content on the net and how they spend a great deal of their time.

Our ground breaking conclusion… mobile devices…  So we decided to build a voting app.

The official 2013 YABBA Voting App is now available in the iTunes store.

Using the YABBA Voting App is straightforward.

  • Register your school for a Validation Code
  • Install the app on your iPad
  • A student scrolls through the shortlisted books
  • The student then selects their favourite book
  • Once ready to vote, the student simply enters their details
  • The vote is registered automatically
Available in AppstoreYou can download the YABBA 2013
Voting App in the store right now

Some FAQ’s

Is the App free?

The app is 100% free to download and use.  Your school must be a current financial YABBA member for votes to be considered valid and counted in the awards.

Why do I need a validation code?

YABBA wants to ensure the credibility of the voting process.  By asking all schools using the voting app to request a validation code prior to students voting we can allocate votes to a legitimate source.  This process will help us ensure standard YABBA voting processes have been followed.

What happens to votes submitted?

All votes submitted are tested for integrity.  Votes deemed valid are counted in the annual awards program.  Only votes received by Voting Day are considered for the current voting cycle.

Specifically multiple votes from a single student are automatically removed and votes from a single device are tested to ensure a single student isn’t voting multiple times.

Voting App Validation Code Request

Use this form to request a Voting App Validation Code prior to having students submit votes.