The YABBA Council is truly honoured to be partnering with the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) in 2017.

Our partnership sees YABBA working with the DET Virtual Learning Coaches in each regional office to coordinate all Victorian Government Primary Schools participation in the 2017 YABBA Program.

Member Benefits From Our Partnership

YABBA and DET will Deliver 10 Virtual Author and Illustrator Visits

The 2017 Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live over the internet

All YABBA members can participate in the Virtual Sessions and the Awards Ceremony Broadcast

Non-Government schools can log into the virtual sessions as part of your current membership

All Victorian Government primary schools are members in 2017

All Victorian Government and Non-Government Schools Can Participate in the Virtual Author Sessions

Virtual Author Visits Are Free

Virtual Author and Illustrator Session Schedule

27 April

Felice Arena

Connecting books to the real world.
Introduction to The Boy and the Spy.

16 May

Sally Rippin

Read, Read, Read, Rate and Read Some More
Introduction to Polly and Buster Sally’s new series

30 May

Robin Cowcher & Corinne Fenton

Pictures Can Move Off the Page
How are picture storybooks made and sometimes they come to live off the page

20 June

Adam Wallace & Serena Geddes

How Are Books Published?
In 2017 not all books are published like they use to be.

18 Jul

Terry Denton

91 Storey’s Aren’t the Same as 19 YABBAs
Terry talks about having won the most YABBAs and shares his unique craft.

8 August

Leigh Hobbs

Being the Children’s Laureate
Honoring a life of Children’s books as Australia’s current Children’s Laureate.

29 August

George Ivanoff

Winning and YABBA is Just Crazy
Meet a recent first time YABBA winner and explore their latest titles

19 September

Hazel Edwards

Aren’t All Books the Same?
Seeing ourselves in text is the key to a great story

10 October

Oliver Phommavanh

High Energy Meets A Book
Transferring energy to text is a great gift

31 October

Student Voice Is The Reward

A live stream of the YABBA Awards Ceremony highlights

Virtual Author Visits Are Free

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecting to a Virtual Author Session

Register your school on the DET Portal so that you receive all the connection details prior to the actual virtual session

Register Here

Yes, each Virtual Author Visit is free for YABBA Members and Victorian DET Primary Schools.

The partnership YABBA negotiated with the Victorian DET was for all Victorian Government Primary and P-12 Schools to become members in 2017.

All 2017 members can also access the Virtual Author Visits as part of their membership for free.

The Victorian DET have provided technical support people that can help you ensure your school can connect to the Polycom system that will be used.

Government Schools
Please contact the Virtual Learning Coach in your regional office.

Non-Government Schools
Please contact Stephen Elford from the Victorian Department of Education and Technology.
Email Stephen Elford –

If you’re a non-government school you will need to pass these instructions to your IT Department a few days before the event.
Polycom – ICT Dept Instructions