The voting deadline is Friday 16 October 2015

Students may vote for only 1 book from the category they choose.

  • Picture Story Book
  • Fiction for Younger Readers
  • Fiction for Older Readers
  • Fiction for Years 7 – 9

Any book that meets the guidelines below are eligible to win a YABBA Award, not just those from the annual shortlist.  The shortlist is a great place to start, but maybe some of your students have since found a book that they feel should be considered for a YABBA Award.

Don’t worry if you are unsure whether the book title fits into a particular section, simply record the information on the tally sheet.

Book Eligibility and Voting Guidelines

  1. Any child from Grade Prep to Year 9 may vote for a single book they which to Reward as their favourite
  2. The Book voted for must be the child’s free choice
  3. Books eligible for voting must meet these criteria
      • An Australian children’s fiction book
      • First published in the last 10 years
      • Not be a previous YABBA Winner

The voting deadline is Friday 16 October 2015

You can vote online or via ballot paper


Vote Online

Vote Using a Ballot Paper and Postage