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YABBA Timeline

Students from city, suburban and country primary and secondary schools have the opportunity to celebrate reading Australian stories rating them and rewarding their favorites, through their votes.  The timetable for YABBA participation is pretty simple and broken down by school term.

Term 1

Children Rate Books to Create the Shortlist

To begin the celebration of Australian stories across the State, students are invited to suggest titles to appear on the YABBA shortlist.  The shortlist brings together the suggestions of students from the broadest education community to highlight and celebrate the abounding diversity of opinion.  Once the shortlist is finalised we produce a full colour poster available for download or request from this website.

Your participation as a school is encouraged and your active promotion of the YABBA process is appreciated.

Term 2 & 3

Time To Read the Books Off the Shortlist

This statewide celebration of Australian story continues through terms 2 and 3 as students read titles form the YABBA shortlist and beyond.  Students are able to read book reviews contributed to YABBA’s website.

They can also participate throughout the year in other activities suggested via the YABBA newsletter.

Term 4

Time to Reward Your Favourite Book

Now that your students have read all the books off the shortlist, it’s time to reward their favourite through the YABBA Voting process.  Ballot papers are available in September.  Children cast votes for their favourite books in each of the four categories.  A book does not necessarily have to be on the shortlist to attract votes, as it may not have been published when the shortlist was formulated.  Any book may be voted for, as long as it is eligible and within the rules.

Final day for voting each year is a specified day in October.

The winners are announced at the award ceremony in November where the authors and illustrators receive YABBA citations presented by children.