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2020 Awards Ceremony Details

Join us as we celebrate our 35th year of Recommending, Reading, Rating and Rewarding Australian Children’s Books

Watch the 2020 YABBA Awards Ceremony

FAQ’s About Student Attendance

Which Students Can Attend

Any student from Prep to Year 9 from a school with a current membership.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend the Awards Ceremony

There is no cost for current financial YABBA Members to attend.

How Many Students Can My School Bring

Space is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Schools may bring up to 30 students and the appropriate accompanying teachers/adults

You need book a seat for EVERY student and EVERY adult you intend to bring.

What is the Awards Ceremony Timetable

9:45am – Students and Supervising Teachers Seated

10:00am – Awards Ceremony Begins

11:30am – Awards Ceremony Concludes

12:00pm – Signing Ceremony Begins

1:00pm – Signing Ceremony Concludes

What Should My Students Bring to the Ceremony

Students should be encouraged to have read shortlisted books so they are aware of the Authors and Illustrators that might be in attendance.

Students should bring any books they want signed.

Schools are encouraged to bring books from their libraries written by attending Authors and Illustrators for students to have signed for the school.

Students need to bring their own morning tea.

What Time Can We Leave the Ceremony

Schools in attendance must remain in the audience until the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony at 11:30am.

We encourage schools to remain for morning tea and to participate the Signing Ceremony after that.

Schools are free to leave at any time during the Signing Ceremony.

Which Authors and Illustrators Will Be In Attendance

Australia’s leading children’s Authors and Illustrators are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony and the Signing Ceremony.  They all volunteer their time and the actual creators in attendance varies each year.

For the past 30 years the YABBA Ceremony has generally had 20-30 Authors and Illustrators in attendance.

Schools with confirmed seats are updated a week prior to the event with the names of the attending Authors and Illustrators.

Are There Any Rules for the Signing Ceremony

Students may only ask an author to sign a book during the Signing Ceremony.  Please ensure your students respect the authors and illustrators in attendance by leaving all book signing requests to the official Signing Ceremony.

During the Signing Ceremony, students may ask any single Author or Illustrator to sign:

  • Any 2 books
  • The official YABBA Autograph Card they will be issued on the day

Authors and Illustrators will not sign scraps of paper.

The Fun of the Awards Ceremony