The YABBA Council is truly honoured to be partnering with the Victorian Department of Education (DE) in 2023.

Our partnership sees YABBA working with the DET alongside the Literacy Unit, Curriculum Implementation Division in each regional office to coordinate all Victorian Government Primary & Secondary Schools participation in the 2023 YABBA Program.

Member Benefits From Our Partnership

YABBA and DE will deliver 10 Virtual Author and Illustrator Visits

All YABBA members can participate in the Virtual Sessions and the Awards Ceremony Broadcast

Non-Government schools can log into the virtual sessions as part of your current membership

All Victorian Government primary & secondary schools are members in 2023

All Victorian Government Schools and YABBA Members Can Participate in the Virtual Author Sessions

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VAP Videos

Virtual Author and Illustrator Sessions 2023

21 March

Harmony Day: Room on Our Rock

Kate Temple and Jol Temple


21 February

VAP 2023 Launch:

Matt Cosgrove


2 May

Meet Funny Kid Creator Matt Stanton

16 May

Education Week with Whitney & Brittany Chicken Divas & 2022 YABBA Honour, Lucinda Gifford

20 June

To be Announced

25 July

Library & Information Week – YABBA 2022 Honour recipient Amelia Mellor

22 August

To be Announced

12 September

Adrian Beck with Derek Dool for National Chocolate Milkshake Day

19 October

YABBA Awards Ceremony

24 October

To be Announced

21 November

Josh Pyke

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VAP Videos

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecting to a Virtual Author Session

Register your school on the DET Portal so that you receive all the connection details prior to the actual virtual session

Yes, each Virtual Author Visit is free for YABBA Members and Victorian DET Primary Schools.

The partnership YABBA negotiated with the Victorian DET was for all Victorian Government Schools to become members.

All members can also access the Virtual Author Visits as part of their membership for free.

The Victorian DET have provided technical support people that can help you ensure your school can connect to the Polycom system that will be used.

WEBEX Support
Please contact the VAP Yabba Council Member – Robyn Donoghue


The Shortlist Poster will be available to order in Term 2.