Graham Davey Citation

YABBA President 1993 – 2013

Volunteer for 20 Years

Giant of the Children’s Book Industry

Graham Davey Citation

The Graham Davey Citation is named in honour of the 20 years service that Graham Davey provided YABBA as our volunteer President.

The YABBA Council presents the Graham Davey Citation each year to a book or person that through craft or contribution has made an impact on Australian Children’s literature.

Graham Davey
YABBA President
1993 – 2013

Honour Roll


Sally Rippin

Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest-selling female author. She has written over 50 books, including the ‘Billy B Brown’ series and ‘Polly and Buster’, and is published in eighteen countries.

2021 marks the 10th year that Sally’s books have been shortlisted. In 2014, ‘Bille B Brown: The Best Project’ won the YABBA for Younger Readers.

Sally mentors many emerging creators and supports numerous worthy causes.


Felica Arena

Felice has an amazing body of work as an author, playwright, TV presenter and actor. A three-time YABBA Award Winner, he has had 17 books shortlisted over the years.

Felice’s contribution to YABBA has seen him take part in the inaugural ‘In Conversation’ evening and his involvement in the YABBA Awards Ceremony has seen him involved since 2006.


Gabrielle Wang

Gabrielle has an impressive body of work as an author and an illustrator in junior fiction and young adult fiction. Her stories are a blend of Chinese and Western culture with a touch of fantasy.

Gabrielle’s books have been shortlisted three times in the YABBA Awards.


Meredith Costain

Meredith has written 100’s books for children across all genres, all formats and edited literature magazines for children.

Meredith has been an incredible supporter of YABBA over many decades.


Hazel Edwards

Hazel has written more than 200 books for children across all genres, all formats and more importantly has been more than 30 years in the making.

Hazel has been an incredible supporter of YABBA over many decades.


Amanda and Chris Filshie

Amanda and Chris provided YABBA incredible support and service over 10 years as Council Secretary and Website Administrator respectively.


Richard Bennett
YABBA Treasurer 1985-2015

Richard was the honorary Treasurer of YABBA from 1985 through 2015.  Richard and his dedication to the YABBA ideal is the embodiment of the Graham Davey citation.  A person that has made a significant voluntary contribution to the YABBA organisation beyond any calling.


The Dragonkeepers Series & Carole Wilkinson
Written by Carole Wilkinson the Dragonkeeper series is one of those that children have just come to love.  These books received nominations over many years, but never quite got to be a section winner.


The Very Cranky Bear
Written and Illustrated by Nick Bland

This book was choosen in the year of Graham’s passing as a book that linked perfectly to Graham’s dual life as YABBA President and a Storyteller.