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Nominating Your Favourite Australian Books

YABBA is all about getting children’s views on their favourite books.  So the entire YABBA program begins with Victorian children recommending their favourite books so others can read them.  This is how we compile the shortlist each year.
The books children recommend as their favourites will be collated with those from other schools and libraries from across Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.  The ten most popular books in each section will appear on the shortlist for that year.
YABBA encourages you to collect the maximum number of nominations possible, in any or all of the sections.  Don’t worry if you are unsure if a title fits into a particular section, simply record the information in the section that seems most appropriate and we’ll work it out.
The Awards are presented in each of these categories

Picture Story Books

Picture Story Books

A book in the Picture Book genre

Fiction for Younger Readers

Fiction for Younger Readers

A fiction book aimed at students in the early stages of reading, typically children in the middle of primary school.

Fiction for Older Readers

Fiction for Older Readers

A fiction book for students that are independent readers, typically students in the upper primary years at school

Fiction for Years 7-9

Fiction for Years 7-9

Fiction books for students in the first few years of secondary school.

Nominating Rules

  • Any child from Grade Prep to Year 9 may nominate up to 4 books
  • Books nominated must be the child’s free choice
  • Books must be Australian fiction
  • Books must have been first published in the past 10 years
  • Books can’t be a previous YABBA Winner

Nominations Close – 31 March 2022

How to Nominate

Choose from one of these methods of nominating

Nominate Online

Use this online form for individual students to nominate their favourite Australian books. Each student’s nominations will be sent directly to the Awards Convenor.

Launch Nominations Form

Library Borrowing

Simply print a report from your Library Management system detailing the title, author and number of borrowings over the past 12 months.
Email the report to answers@yabba.org.au by the closing date

Bulk Nominations Form

To submit nominations in bulk:
1. Download the Bulk Nominations spreadsheet.
2. Input books for nomination and the number of student nominations for each book.
3. Email the spreadsheet to answers@yabba.org.au by the closing date.
Download Bulk Nominations Form