Purchase Shortlist Posters

Each year we create a stunning poster detailing the 40 shortlisted books.

This year we’ve used the great artwork of Heath McKenzie to create this amazing poster.

The poster is a celebration of the 40 best books as voted by the children of Australia. Children and adults alike will enjoy finding their favourite books on this poster and hopefully open their eyes to some new possibilities.

Full Colour
A1 size
printed on high-quality 200gsm stock

Packet of 3 Posters

$10 including Postage

To reduce costs we are only selling packets of 3 posters
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Sincere Thanks

The entire YABBA Community extend our sincere thanks to Lamont Books for sponsoring the printing of the 2018 Shortlist Poster.

Without support like Lamont’s, and our poster sponsors in previous years, we would need to seriously consider the production of this great resource.