Virtual Author Program Sessions 2022

Nova Weetman
Nova Weetman writes books for both primary and teen aged children, including The Edge of Thirteen, The Secrets We Keep and It All Begins With Jelly Beans. Nova Weetman’s book Sick Bay won the Year 7-9  YABBA  2021 Award.
Hazel Edwards, Ozge Alkan & Serena Geddes
Hazel Edwards, Ozge Alkan and Serena Geddes discuss their collaboration, Hijabi Girl, and the significance of Harmony Day. The session is suitable for Middle Primary to Lower Secondary aged students.
Andrew Plant
Author and illustrator, Andrew Plant, talks about ANZAC Day and his book The Poppy.
Gregg Dreise
Author and illustrator, Gregg Dreise, talks about Sorry Day and his book My Culture.
Aunty Fay Muir & Sue Lawson
Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson discuss Reconciliation Week and talk about their books – FamilyRespect and Sharing.
Sally Rippin
Sally Rippin, the 2021 YABBA Graham Davey Citation winner, gives fabulous tips on writing and illustration.
Nat Amoore

Nat Amoore celebrates Book Week and give fun writing tips.

Adam Wallace

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day with Adam Wallace! He has written many books for kids, such as the Fartboy series, Better Out Than In series, and the How to Catch a …. series. There is a drawing component in this session.

Jules Faber

Author and Illustrator, Jules Faber, talks about his craft, illustrating books, and his passion for drawing. In this interactive session, Jules will show you how to draw one of his characters.

Nicky Johnston
In this session on mindfulness, award-winning author/illustrator Nicky Johnston gives great writing and illustration tips, as well as ways to deal with worries and anxiety.

Virtual Author Program Sessions 2021

Andy Griffiths
Superstar Aussie author Andy Griffiths shares his writing tips, tells his favourite jokes and reveals the inspiration behind his YABBA award-winning Treehouse series.

Gabrielle Wang
Author/Illustrator Gabrielle Wang reveals the inspiration behind her career of creating over 20 books for children and young adults.

Gabrielle also teaches kids how to draw an incredible mythical Chinese creature – so have a pencil and paper ready!

Mark Greenwood & Frane Lessac
In this ANZAC Day special, Mark Greenwood and Frane Lessac, explain the inspiration behind their book, Simpson and His Donkey.
Morris Gleitzman
Morris Gleitzman is a bestselling Australian children’s author. His books explore serious and sometimes confronting subjects in humourous and unexpected ways.
Jackie French
Best-selling and award-winning author, Jackie French, joins the YABBA team to discuss her creative life in the bush. Jackie was the Australian Children’s Laureate and the 2015 Senior Australian of the Year. She has written over 200 books, some of which have sold millions of copies and she’s won over 60 awards in Australia and internationally.

Emily Rodda & Marc McBride
Best-selling and award-winning author/illustrator duo, Emily Rodda and Marc McBride, discuss their incredibly successful, long-term creative partnership.

This dynamic duo have worked together on many popular books including the Deltora Quest series, The Three Doors trilogy and most recently on the CBCA and YABBA shortlisted The Glimme.

Norman Jorgensen
In the lead-up to ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’, award-winning author Norman Jorgensen answers kids’ questions about writing, research and sailing the seven seas!
Ursula Dubosarsky
In celebration of all types of libraries, the YABBA team is joined by Children’s Laureate, Ursula Dubosarsky, the author of the highly popular books, ‘The Terrible Plop’, ‘Hercules Quick’, ‘March of the Ants’ and many more.
John Marsden
John Marsden has written more than 40 books, mostly YA and children’s literature, including Tomorrow When the War BeganSo Much to Tell You, and Letters from the Inside. He shares his best tips to boost kids’ creative writing.

Past Virtual Author Program Sessions

Mark Wilson
In this ANZAC Day special, author/illustrator Mark Wilson shares the inspiration behind his work and teaches kids how to draw in his unique style.

Tristan Bancks
Award-winning author, Tristan Bancks, explains the inspiration behind his bestselling books, shares writing tips and gives a sneak peek from his upcoming series.
Coral Vass & Dub Leffler
Coral Vass and Dub Leffler, explain the inspiration behind their book, Sorry Day, and perform an incredible reading of the story.
Leigh Hobbs
Much-loved author/illustrator, Leigh Hobbs, invites us into his studio to explain the inspiration behind his incredible bestselling books and he also shows us how to draw his iconic character, Old Tom.
Kesta Fleming & Marjory Gardner
Kesta Fleming and Marjory Gardner are the creators of the new series, Marlow Brown. In this session, both Kesta and Marjory give kids useful tips for writing and illustrating.
Mark Smith
Bestselling author, Mark Smith, discusses his ‘Winter’ trilogy, shares his writing tips, and reveals the inspirational story of how his life changed forever after a life-threatening incident.
George Ivanoff
George Ivanoff focusses on three of his popular titles, You Choose, Game On and the Survival Guides, in order to share some of his best writing tips.
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson shares the inspiration behind her work, such as books like Juliet Nearly A Vet, and explains the value of oral storytelling as part of the creative process.
Heath McKenzie
Illustrator, Heath McKenzie, talks about the inspiration behind his work, gives illustration tips for kids and shows how to draw the lead character from Do Not Open This Book.

Mega VAPs

Amie Kaufman – Creating World and Heroes
New York Times bestselling author, Amie Kaufman, shares her writing tips on world building and creating remarkable heroes.
Sally Rippin – Writing About What Matters
Australia’s highest selling female author, Sally Rippin, explains her inspiration for creating Polly & Buster and Billie B Brown.
Felice Arena – The Books That Made Me
Felice Arena discusses the books that inspired him to become the author he is today, from his favourite childhood picture books, to the compelling contemporary reads that continue to influence him.
Jacqueline Harvey – ‘Kensy and Max’
Bestselling author, Jacqueline Harvey, shares how encountering two real life spy headquarters inspired her hit series, ‘Kensy & Max’.
Deborah Abela – How to Generate Ideas
Best-selling author, Deborah Abela, shares her inspirational techniques for generating ideas. Deborah also discusses the origins of her YABBA-nominated book, New City.
Jack Heath – How to Supercharge Your Writing
Bestselling author, Jack Heath, explains his secrets to unblocking creativity and the special techniques he uses to improve his writing.
Jen Storer – How Ideas Evolve
Bestselling author, Jen Storer, explains that sometimes your best ideas can come from one single word.
Tim Harris – Creating Characters
Tim Harris explains how to come up with remarkable characters.