[su_heading style=”1″]Procedure for Voting Offline using Ballot Paper[/heading]

 Obtain votes

If you need Ballot Sheets you can download the Ballot master copy for photocopying and cut apart the number of ballots you need. Some of the following you may have already discussed with your students, however, it is probably good to review it prior to their voting.

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  • Show students how to verify that their book choice meets the guidelines.
  • Is it an Australian book?
  • Is it already a winner?
  • Explain to children how to vote
  • Clarify that it is a free vote, their own personal choice
  • Students fill out Ballot  – help for writing is allowed, but the vote must be freely theirs!
  • Students to fold their own ballot paper, to preserve secrecy
  • Any box may be used as a ballot box
  • Votes must be certified by school stamp or signature
Tally votes

You are encouraged to sort votes prior to despatch and record results on the official Vote Tally Sheet.  If you find your students are voting for titles other than those on the shortlist, you will need to create a Tally Sheet for these books and write in these additional titles, Please ensure that the form indicates: [su_list style=”arrow”]

  • the number of votes for each title
  • Shows your school’s name
  • Shows your school’s contact person
  • Return voting results to YABBA by the 24 October 2014


Send votes to:
PO Box 238
Kew, VIC 3101

After the Awards Ceremony

YABBA winners details will be:

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  • Sent to YABBA subscribers
  • Announced to the media
  • Published on this Website


The YABBA Award Ceremony is held annually in November and attendance is by invitation.

Being a YABBA member and participating in the nominating and voting process are key criteria for invitation.

Download the Voting Pack

2015 Voting Pack