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Voting Guidelines

Voting is the key to the YABBA program.

The YABBA Awards are all about having students Reward their favourite Australian book.  Ensure that the children in your environment reward a single book that is first published in Australia during the past 10 years.

The Awards are presented in each of these categories

Picture Story Books

Picture Story Books

A book in the Picture Story Book genre

Fiction for Younger Readers

Fiction for Younger Readers

A fiction book aimed at students in the early stages of reading, typically children in the middle of primary school.

Fiction for Older Readers

Fiction for Older Readers

A fiction book for students that are independent readers, typically students in the upper primary years at school

Fiction for Years 7-9

Fiction for Years 7-9

Fiction books for students in the first few years of secondary school.

Voting Rules

  • Any Child from Prep to Year 9 may vote
  • One vote per child
  • Each child must have free choice
  • The book must have been first published in Australia
  • The book must be published in the past 10 years
  • The book can’t be a previous winner

Voting Closes – 17 September 2021

How to Vote

Vote Online

Using the online form to have students select their favourite book. Votes will be submitted electronically to the Awards Convenor.

Launch Online Voting Form

Voting Closes

17 September 2021

Download PDF of Past 10 Years Winners