The Annual YABBA Timeline

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Step by Step Instructions

How to Participate

Getting your head around the entire YABBA program takes a bit of time.

Knowing when nominations are due, understanding the shortlist poster use, completing the internal school paperwork to get students to the Awards ceremony.

All this takes time to think through.

Key Dates

We’ve put together this simple 1 page document detailing the key dates and actions across the YABBA year

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There are four stages to the Awards across the year

Term 1

Term 1

Recommend your four favourite books from recent times

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Term 2

Term 2

Read as many of the shortlisted books you can

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Term 3

Term 3

Start a process of rating the books so you can vote later in the year

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Term 4

Term 4

Reward your favourite book with your vote

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Nominations Close

31 March 2021

Last Day For Votes

17 September 2021

Awards Ceremony

19 October 2021


Here is a list of all the resources you might need from the website to participate across the year

Yearly Planner

Nominations Pack

Online Nominations Form

Winners Last 10 Years

Shortlist as PDF

Order Shortlist Poster

Online Voting Form

Awards Ceremony Booking